It's Been FIVE YEARS Since I QUIT SMOKING! Here's How I Did It

it's been five years since I quit smoking


That's actually what I used to think.

Can you believe that I used to smoke? A lot?

I used to smoke so much that I thought it was an actual characteristic of my personality. I smoked cigarettes for twelve years. For eight of those, I smoked more than a pack (sometimes two packs, yuk!!) per day, every single day.

I was very, very addicted. And I couldn't remember what it was like to not be.

Smoking as always. Summer 2009

Smoking as always. Summer 2009


Today, it's been FIVE YEARS since my final cigarette.


I haven't smoked or used any form of nicotine for five years! I cannot tell you how happy I am that I no longer depend on a disgusting, foul-smelling poison to function hour-to-hour in the world. I got freedom from nicotine addiction on March 18, 2011 and I've never, ever regretted my decision.  


It's one of those paradoxical things where it's totally wild that I haven't had a cigarette in FIVE YEARS. But at the very same time, I can't believe that I ever smoked cigarettes in the first place. Not only is it the most thoroughly damaging thing one can do to his or her health, but it is totally noxious and repellent.

And yet...



I can very clearly remember when I couldn't imagine going a day, or even half a day without smoking. But now when I see, or smell, people smoking, I just can't fathom inhaling that burning poison. I can't even be within a few feet of that toxic stuff now, and I used to gladly inhale the stuff for years.

how i quit smoking

I'd always wanted to be a strong, powerful, and physically capable badass, but it was almost impossible to breathe, much less get my muscles enough oxygen for any of the moves that a badass like G.I. Jane could pull.

Part of me thought that smoking made me appear tough. If I didn't smoke, how would people know that I'm a badass? I wish I had known that being a nonsmoker would allow me to be more badass than I could have ever been as a smoker. 

I knew I needed to quit smoking for years.

Of course I needed to quit smoking. I knew it was deadly, cancer-causing, foul-smelling, and aging. And you have to pay a small fortune for it! I knew that I wouldn’t be a smoker all of my life, I just had no idea how I would ever get there.

In my twenties, smoking became shameful and embarassing. I knew better than to continue with this filthy habit. I wanted to quit, but I was so scared. 

Nicotine traps and enslaves the user. I had tried to quit before and it was a total nightmare. It felt like smoking was all I had ever known. Quitting seemed like a huge, desperate, scary ordeal. 



I read a book and it made me despise smoking. Yup. A book made a heavy, lifelong smoker completely stop nicotine use cold turkey without any cravings or temptation.

It is possible. Even easy!

If you are a smoker and you are not intrigued, you're not paying attention!

I happily stopped smoking cold turkey (the BEST way to stop nicotine addiction) after years of heavy addiction by reading The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr.

The reviews for this book (on Amazon, or on any website) are the most positive I have ever seen for any product. 

And I assure you, I am not getting paid for this. I am passionate about this life-changing book. 

If you smoke, or use nicotine of any kind, READ THIS BOOK. You don’t even have to want to stop smoking. Just read it for the highly revolutionary way it discusses nicotine addiction. 




By the time I decided to finally give up smoking, I had been sober and clean from illegal drugs (of course tobacco and caffeine didn’t count as drugs!) for almost eight years (from the time I had alcohol and drug addiction at 16 years old).

Because I didn’t drink and I didn’t smoke weed, I thought there was no other way for me to relax or deal with stress! I needed to smoke! 


I really wish I had known that cigarette addiction CAUSES stress, even though it is widely believed that smoking relieves it.

That is a MYTH.

Someone who is not addicted to nicotine will not find it relaxing; they will find it causes nausea and dizziness, which is not stress relief (unless you get really freaked out when you are not dizzy and nauseous). 

Smoking only relieves stress when the stress is a result of nicotine addiction. When smokers feel stress relief from a cigarette, they are actually just feeling the abating of their craving. The only stress smoking relieves is the stress of nicotine withdrawal.

Nothing short of incredible, The Easy Way to Stop Smoking de-programs your brain of all the myths that our culture believes and perpetuates about cigarette addiction.

Like, that it has to be difficult to quit. It doesn't.



As I read The Easy Way to Quit Smoking, I began to hate smoking, and I couldn’t wait to finish the book so I could smoke my last cigarette. (The author advises continuing to smoke until finishing the book.) 

Simply by reading a book, even the smell of cigarette smoke became repulsive to me.

As repulsive and foul as it actually is.

cigarettes are foul

Since finishing the book on March 18, 2011, I haven’t taken a single drag and have never been tempted. Cigarette smoke remains completely repulsive to me.

I have not been tempted to smoke a cigarette any more than I’ve been tempted to put my mouth on a car’s muffler and inhale the exhaust. It's pointless, stupid, disgusting, unpleasant, and dangerous.

It feels so good to not be a slave to nicotine after so many years. I can't believe I've free for five years! Wooooo!!



Becoming a nonsmoker was the most important thing I have ever done for myself.

Breaking that one bad habit created a chain effect that made me immeasurably healthier and happier. I stopped drinking tons of caffeine all day long; I drank more water; I started exercising; I had life-altering breakthroughs about my personal and family life.

Not to mention that if I hadn't quit smoking, I would not have had enough money to begin my independent travel to Thailand, where I am currently living. And I probably wouldn't have had the incentive or money to travel around Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Happy nonsmoker visiting thailand

Happy nonsmoker visiting thailand

Quitting smoking allowed me to start treating my body, mind, and soul (all of which are intertwined and inseparable) so much better. I was able to become truly fit, and fitness allowed me to value and respect my body. And I will never go back. 



If you use nicotine and want to conquer your demons, empower yourself, and live an incredible life, start with becoming nicotine free. Liberating yourself from the addiction will cause floods of positive changes into your life. 

Read this book, and before you're finished, you'll be desperate to never smoke again.

If you don't smoke, share this with any one and everyone you know who does. It is so important. Without exaggeration, it is a matter of life and death. 

A truly badass life is waiting on the other side of nicotine addiction. And it's amazing out here!